Who is suitable for a Micro-Credentials Course

What kind of goal you would like to achieve?

#1 Academic Development

Higher Academic Qualification
Shorter Pathway for double qualification
An alternative pathway for qualification

#2 Personal & Professional Development

Cultivate the latest technology or development in the industry
Cross- Discipline knowledge for career development
A better resume to showcase the capabilities

#1 Academic Development

  • Higher Academic Qualification

What level of qualification are you holding now? Is it a Diploma / Degree / Master? Have you considered pursuing a higher qualification? a MCs credit-bearing will be suitable for you.

Imagine if you are a diploma holder and wish to pursue a degree qualification. It is commonly known that a full-time tertiary education qualification might take about 2 – 3 years to complete. Even if it is a part-time course, it might be hard to commit to a part-time class after work or during the weekend as a full-time employee. 

By choosing micro-credentials credit bearings (MCs Credit Bearings), you will have the flexibility to pick and choose the number MCs course you would like to go for. Based on your preference, you might do one MCs credit bearing in semester 1 but do 3 MCs credit bearings in semester 2. 

Once you have completed all the MCs available or ready to commit to a full-time programme, you can apply for an official RU main programme based on the entry requirement to further your study at Raffles University.

  • Shorter pathway for double qualification

We hear you! Many students are looking for a double degree programme or a shorter pathway for academic qualification. The challenges that they faced are

  1. The double degree programme is not the programme I am looking for. Most of the dual degree programme is structured without flexibility.
  2. I want to learn Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design, but I also wish to have a Bachelor’s degree in multimedia design, but it might take 3 years + 3 years to complete both degrees.

By choosing MCs credit bearings, you will be faster to complete a double qualification. You can start to take some of the MCs credit bearings while studying for a diploma/degree if the MCs credit bearing fit your schedule. Once you have completed the current programme, you can apply for your second qualification with credit exemption through the MCs credit bearing. In this way, you will be able to complete your second qualification in a shorter period.

  • An alternative pathway for qualification through APEL A/ APEL C/APEL Q

MQA has launched the APEL A, APEL C and APEL Q in most public and private tertiary education institutions in Malaysia. It is a framework of MQA to recognise formal, informal & non-formal learning.

  • APEL A – Recognition of formal, informal & non-formal learning as entry Requirement
  • APEL C – Recognition of formal, informal & non-formal learning as credit hours exemption
  • APEL Q – Recognition of formal, informal & non-formal learning as qualification award

In the soon future, studying a MCs Credit Bearing & Professional can be one part of the evidence to apply for APEL A, APEL C, and APEL Q to achieve a higher academic qualification. Raffles University is working on this direction, and we will release more information once we have achieved the status of APEL centre.

#2 Personal & Professional Development

  • Cultivate the latest technology or development in the industry

Indeed, Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) has affected our livings through the closing of the border (No more overseas travelling), lock-down, Home-based learning and working from home (WFH). Yet, it brings us an innovation, forcing us to adapt to digitalisation, new business model and new technology. To adjust to the recent changes, we should now engage with the more demanded skills that fit the post-pandemic industry. 

Besides the impact of covid-19, Industry 4.0 has also further pushed the digitalisation of the industry. Your company has shifted from physical business modal to digital platform after the pandemic as the first step. Yet, have you considered how you should use or analyse the data you have collected from the digital platform or include the latest technology such as Artificial Intelligence in your business model to achieve effectiveness and efficiency? 

Micro-Credentials Professionals and Credit Bearings are specifically designed and selected to offer the required skills in the market. 

  • Cross-Discipline knowledge for career development

Besides the vertical development of personal and professional development, the horizontal effect on cross-discipline is gradually seen in the industry. 

We will use digital marketing as an example. It is commonly known that a digital marketer must know about the knowledge in SEO and SEM. In fact, the digital marketer needs to know about marketing knowledge ( what 4Ps you are offering), graphic design ( how a poster can attract the audience to click on the paid ad), UIUX ( how UI & UX will affect the click-through rate), Psychology, ( what is the consumer behaviour) and Artificial Intelligence ( how the algorithms work to increase the reach).

The scenario has happened in every industry regardless of whether you are a psychologist, a human resource manager, an entrepreneur or a multimedia designer.

The digitalisation or Internet of Things(IoT) has closed the gap of each industry. It is easier for people to get information on different industries and apply in their industry. A micro-credentials course fits in to offer professional knowledge and skills who wish to learn more about cross-discipline learning. 

  • A better resume to showcase the capability 

We are now living in a highly educated generation. Checking the people around you, they might have obtained at least a diploma or degree qualification. Now, look at your latest resume or Linkedin, what else do you have in your resume to showcase your capability besides the highest education qualification in the education column?

To stand out from the crowd, we need to increase our competency and versatility through Micro-Credentials course. Pick and choose the MCs course that can fill in the gap of your capability. After completing the MCs course, you will be able to share the digital credentials on Linkedin or your resume. It is the best evidence to showcase your knowledge and skills that make you different from other candidates.

#3 Our ultimate goal - life long learning

All of the above points are promoting the culture of life-long learning. Using the phone as an example, we have gone through rapid development from a non-mobile phone to a smartphone in the last 50 years. We cannot stop the technology development, but we endure, adapt and advance with the development.

Micro-credentials courses are designed to welcome everyone from different levels of society to join us. Regardless of whether you are a student, an employee, a manager, a housewife or a retired grandfather, you are invited to join our Micro-Credentials courses.

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