Micro-Credentials Credit Bearing

A Micro-Credentials Credit Bearing Course (MCs Credit Bearing) is a short and stackable course that carries the credits for formal learning. It provides an alternative pathway for learners who wish to achieve academic qualifications. The MCs Credit Bearing course incorporates the RU philosophy – Doing while Learning – and the teaching and learning components of Raffles University. It is to ensure that the quality of the learning environment of Micro-Credentials is as high as Raffles University main programme.


The learners of MCs Credit Bearing Course can choose the MCs course based on their preference and schedule. Once the learners have enrolled in the chosen MCs course, they will join the RU classes as scheduled. Upon completing the MCs course, the learner will receive a Digital Certificate and Malaysian Micro-Credentials Statement (MMS).


Once the learners are ready to proceed with an academic qualification, the learner can proceed with the official admission process of Raffles University with the fulfilment of entry requirements of respective programmes. The learner can apply for credit transfer with the MMS achieved.

Why Choose a Micro-Credentials Credit Bearings?

Pathway to Academic Qualification
Stackable & Modulised Learning
Competency & Versatility
Recognition & Accredited
14 Academic Weeks
Join RU Class
Doing While Learning
Digital Credentials
Life Long Learning

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