What is a Micro-Credentials?

#What is Micro-Credentials

#What is Micro-Credentials

Micro-Credentials (MCs) Courses are smaller, shorter and stackable courses that Raffles University offers. The Micro-Credentials courses are specially designed to fit the demanded skillset, technique, and knowledge required in the industry. The MCs course aims to increase the competency and versatility of learners and promote the culture of life-long learning.

#Characteristics of Micro-Credentials


– Accumulate knowledge and skillset for competency & versatility

– Collective credits hours for academic qualification



– Micro-Credentials Credit Bearings is accredited by MQA

– Recognition of formal, informal and nonformal learning


Competency & Versatility
– Upskill with the latest demanded knowledge, skillsets and technology in the industry.
– Cross-discipline skills and knowledge to achieve comprehension


Short & Economical
– Shorter course compared to a complete RU main programme
– Choose a MCs course based on your preference & schedule


Digital Credentials
– Recognised Malaysia Micro-Credentials Statement (MMS) for academic qualification
– Showcase your competency by publishing digital certificate on resume or social network


Life Long Learning
– Everyone is welcome to join any Micro-Credentials Courses
– The Highest Education Result Entry Requirement is applicable when the learner progress with RU main programme

#Type of Micro-Credentials

Type 1: Micro-Credentials Credit Bearings

A Micro-Credentials Credit Bearing Course (MCs Credit Bearing) is a short and stackable course that carries the credits for formal learning. It provides an alternative pathway for learners who wish to achieve academic qualifications.


*Entry requirement will be needed  to be considered if a learner would like to apply for the main programme at Raffles University with the MCs Credit Bearings


MCs Credit Bearing for RU programmes

MC Credit Bearing for MBA

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Type 2: Micro-Credentials Professional

Micro-Credentials Professional course (MCs Professional) is a specially designed short course that tailors the demanded skillset, technique or knowledge in the industry.


MCs Professional for Specific Skills

MCs Professional for Postgraduate Support



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#Benefit of Micro-Credentials

By completing Micro-Credential Courses, you will be able to gain new Knowledge / Skill. 

You will also receive a Micro-Credentials Digital Certificate that is shareable on your resume / Linkedin. You will also receive a Micro-Credentials Statement after completion of a MCs course.

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