Micro-Credentials for MBA

A flexible pathway to achieve an MBA

The Micro-Credentials Credit Bearing course for the MBA pathway is the micro-courses that carries credits for masters qualification. The ultimate goal is to provide an alternative pathway for learners who wish to achieve the Master of Business Administration qualification and promote lifelong learning.

The learners choose the MCs Credit Bearing course based on their preference and schedule. Upon completion, the learners will receive the digital credentials of the respective courses. If the learners decide to proceed with Master of Business Administration at Raffles University, credit transfer is applicable with the completed MCs Credit Bearing courses for the MBA pathway.

This course is suitable for

  • An MBA candidate who is looking for an MBA class that fits his schedule
  • A learner who is looking for academic development in higher qualification
  • A learner who wishes to learn knowledge/skills at a higher qualification level but does not plan for academic development
  • A learner who is looking for a weekday night course

Why Choose a Micro-Credentials Credit Bearings?

Pathway to Raffles MBA Qualification
Stackable & Modulised Learning
Competency & Versatility
Recognition & Accredited
14 Academic Weeks
Doing While Learning
Weekday Night Classes
Digital Credentials
Life Long Learning