Micro-Credential Credit Bearing

Micro-Credential in
Research Methodology


Course Category:

Business Skills, Research Skill

Mode of Delivery: 


Language of Instruction:


Level of the Course:

Year 1


Not Applicable

Credit Value:

3 credits


14 Academic Weeks

Total Learning Hours:

120 hours


The Micro-Credential in Research Methodology course provides students with
the opportunity to explore an area of interest within business and/or management in greater depth. Transferable skills in research, information and project management will be developed, equipping students for the continuously changing business environment of the 21st century. The course aims to enable students to undertake a self managed process of systematic academic enquiry within the domain of management.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognise and critically evaluate different business and management research designs and the assumptions upon which they are based.
  2. Plan a research in pursuit of their MBA Dissertation based upon informed choices about the research designs, techniques and procedures to be followed.
  3. Synthesise data from a wide variety of sources having due regard to issues of generalisability, validity and reliability within an acceptable dissertation format.
  4. Prepare the research proposal in an acceptable dissertation format.

Assessment Methods 
and Types:

Exercise -30%, Assignment – 20% and Project -50%

Content Outline:

  1. Introduction to different types of Research- where do research ideas come from? 
  2. Data & sampling size
  3. Research Design
  4. Reliability and validity
  5. Tests and measurements 
  6. Questionnaires and interviews
  7. Observation, and how to record information
  8. Data analysis- Statistical techniques
  9. Organizing and presenting research results

Additional Requirement:

– Able to communicate in English

Entry Requirement:

Minimum Age: 22 years old

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Time Table

Every Monday 7pm – 10pm

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