What is Micro-Credential Course?

Micro-Credentials (MCs) Courses are smaller, shorter and stackable courses that Raffles University offers. The Micro-Credentials courses are specially designed to fit the demanded skillset, technique, and knowledge required in the industry. The MCs course aims to increase the competency and versatility of learners and promote the culture of life-long learning.


What is the difference between Micro-Credential Course and RU Main programme?

RU Main programme is the programme that is designed based on Malaysian Qualification Framework, ranging from foundation to doctorate qualification. The duration is ranging from 1 year to 3 years on average. RU Micro-Credential Course is a smaller modules course that is offered based on specific topic. The duration is usually either 14 weeks or specific duration.


What is the difference between Micro-Credential Course and other short courses / training course?

The learner who completed the Micro-Credential will receive digital credentials and Malaysian Micro-Credential Statement (MMS).



What is Micro-credential Credit Bearing?

Micro-Credential Credit Bearing is a short modulise learning course that usually take 14 weeks or 120 hours. MCs Credit Bearing carries credit value.


Is there any entry requirement for Micro-Credential Credit Bearing?

Yes! The entry requirement is varies from course to course and it is available at each of the course page.


What is the requirement to achieve the credentials of MCs Credit Bearing?

The learner is required to achieve at least 80% of attendance, completed and passed all the assessment and final exam.


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