Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

About Micro-Credentials Courses


What will I received after complete a Micro-Credential Course

Once you have completed a Micro-Credential Course, you will receive 

  1. New Skillset/Knowledge
  2. Digital Certificate 
  3. Malaysia Micro-Credential Statement (MMS)


Does Micro-Credentials Course has entry requirement?

A Micro-Credentials Credit Bearing has a minimum Age entry requirement. Kindly check the respective course for further information.


Also, if a learner would like to enrol into RU main programme with credit transfer, the applicant will have to fulfil the entry requirement of the main programme. Kindly check the entry requirement of each programme on RU homepage.


A Micro-Credential Professional usually does not have entry requirements but a learner might need to check the hardware/software requirement.


What should I take note before I apply for a Micro-Credential Course

  1. Check the topic, learning outcomes and assessment of the MCs course
  2. Check the class date and timetable
  3. Check the minimum age requirement (for credit bearing) or hardware/software requirement (for professional)
  4. Check the entry requirement of the origin programme (if you would like to apply for the main programme with MCs course)


What is the teaching and learning method of Micro-Credentials Courses?

For MCs Credit Bearings, the learner will follow the exact classes, teaching and learning method of RU students. The learner is committed to the attendance requirement. The learner might experience the Assessment and Final Examination. The learner


For MCs Professionals, it might be a face-to-face or online class.


Will I receive a student card / Can I apply student visa if I enrolled into a Micro-Credentials Course?

For Micro-Credentials leaner,  by studying a Micro-Credentials course, you will not be able to apply for student visa / receive a student card.


If you have decided to move on to RU main programme after completion of MCs, in the condition that you have fulfilled the entry requirement of the respective programme, you will be qualified to apply for the student visa. Kindly contact the Education Consultant for further information


Is Micro-Credentials Course available for International Students?

Yes, a micro-credential course is applicable by both local and international students.


I have taken Micro-Credentials of Business & Psychology area. Can I apply credit transfer of these MCs Course if I would like to proceed to a Graphic Design Degree?

Nope. The credit transfer is only doable if the Micro-Credentials is mapped to a module of a RU main programme. Kindly check the “Origin Programme” before you apply for a Micro-Credentials Credit Bearing.


I am currently studying in another university / college. Can I apply the RU Micro-Credential Course?

Yes, everyone can apply for RU MCs Course. Please ensure that you have fulfilled the minimum age before you register for a MCs Credit Bearing.


What is the difference between MCs Credit Bearing and MCs Professional

MCs Credit Bearing carries credits and follow the timetable, teaching and learning of the RU programme.


MCs Professional is a specially designed course for a specific skill. The course is usually shorter than MCs Credit Bearing Course.


What is the difference between RU Programmes and Micro-Credential Courses

RU programmes following the Malaysian Qualification Framework which would be 2-3 years depending the qualification. The students are required to fulfil the entry requirement to enrol on the main programme.


RU Micro-Credential Courses are shorter, stackable courses. It is categorised as Micro-Credentials Credit Bearing and Micro-Credentials Professional.

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