Micro-Credential Credit Bearing

Micro-Credential in
Educational Psychology


Course Category:

Psychology Skill

Origin Programme:

Mode of Delivery: 


Language of Instruction:


Level of the Course:

Year 2


Not Applicable

Credit Value:

4 credits


14 Academic Weeks

Total Learning Hours:

120 hours


This course explores critically the theory and research in the field of educational psychology with an emphasis on child development, learning, motivation, at-risk students, and classroom management.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate theories of learning.
  2. Evaluate the impact of different methods of instruction on children’s learning and development.
  3. Examine current approaches to the meeting of children’s educational needs.
  4. Compare and contrast different approaches to the management of the education of children with distinctive learning needs in local and other contexts.

Assessment Methods 
and Types:

Assignment- 30% , Project- 30% & Final Exam- 40%

Content Outline:

  1. Principles of Educational Psychology 
  2. Theories of Development 
  3. Student Diversity
  4. Behavioural Theories of Learning 
  5. Information Processing and Cognitive Theories of Learning 
  6. The Effective Lesson
  7. Instruction and Motivation
  8. Effective Learning Environments 
  9. Methods of Assessment 

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Entry Requirement:

Minimum Age: 19 years old

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