Micro-Credential Credit Bearing

Micro-Credential in
Introduction to Multimedia Technology


Course Category:

Design skills​

Mode of Delivery: 


Language of Instruction:


Level of the Course:

Year 1


Not Applicable

Credit Value:

3 credits


14 Academic Weeks

Total Learning Hours:

120 hours


This micro-credential course provides the most essential skills in handling multimedia tools and designing multimedia content in a development environment. Furthermore, it provides an overview of the interactive multimedia industry, the profession and career options, the market, and production, forming the basis for the study of digital arts and technologies.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Acknowledge and understanding of the underlying concepts and theories of the Multimedia System.
  2. Summarizeand critically analyze the different elements of the Multimedia System. 
  3. Improve student’s competence in understanding the concept and developing applications of Multimedia Technology. 
  4. Explain the necessary details on how multimedia data are represented, stored, compressed and used 

Assessment Methods 
and Types:

Assignments 50% & Projects 50%

Content Outline:

  1. Introduction to Multimedia
  2. Elements of Multimedia System
  3. Multimedia Systems Technology
  4. Multimedia Application Development
  5. Multimedia Application Case Studies
  6. Access Networks
  7. Multimedia Project Development
  8. Web-based Multimedia Applications
  9. Multimedia Authoring and Scripting
  10. Multimedia Communications and Compressions
  11. Emerging Multimedia Research
  12. Multimedia Future

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Entry Requirement:

Minimum Age: 19 years old

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Bachelor of Multimedia Design (Honours)

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