Micro-Credential Credit Bearing

Micro-Credential in
OOP with Python 1


Course Category:

Digital Skill & Technology, Artificial Intelligence, AI & Robotics

Mode of Delivery: 


Language of Instruction:


Level of the Course:

Year 1


Not Applicable

Credit Value:

3 credits


14 Academic Weeks

Total Learning Hours:

120 hours


This course introduces core Python programming basics. The course discusses the fundamental principles of Object-Oriented Programming, as well as in-depth data and information processing techniques. It aims to provide an introduction to programming, emphasizing understanding, deisgn and development of applications using object-oriented techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe and apply Values, Variables , Expressions and Arithmetic Expressions in Python
  2. Describe and apply Conditional Statements and Functions in Python
  3. Apply Tuples, Lists, Dictionaries, and Sets in Python
  4. Apply Objects and Classes in Python

Assessment Methods 
and Types:

Assignments-60% and Final Exam – 40%

Content Outline:

  1. Integer and String Values, Identifiers, User Input, String Formatting
  2.  Boolean expressions, If/Else statement, Other Conditional Expressions
  3. Storing Aggregate Data, Enumerating the Elements of a Data Structure
  4.  Using String Objects, File Objects, Class compositions and Class Inheritance
  5.  Expressions examples
  6. Functions and Modules, Parameter passing 

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Entry Requirement:

Minimum Age: 19 years old

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Time Table

Thu 14:00 – 17:00 hr

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Entry Requirement of the Origin Programme

Bachelor of
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Artificial Intelligence

Bachelor of
Information Systems (Honours) in
Artificial Intelligence

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